SPE™ Optimization

We have developed a universally applicable, collaborative thinking process that delivers maximum sustainable results and growth. We have found the best results come from a disciplined process of strategizing first, planning second, and only then beginning execution. Among our many coaching tools – applicable to any situation, big or small – are three foundational tools to keep you on the think-plan-do path.

The Strategy Builder™ (What/Why) — a streamlined tool for establishing a list of all that has to be true when total success is achieved, while identifying any potential obstacles.

The Implementation Planner™ (Who/How/When) —the sequential steps needed to achieve your defined success, and what metrics and tools will be applied.

The Execution Maximizer™ — the process for managing and measuring results and generating learning loops for sustainable improvement.

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Sitton Coaching Solutions applies a unique process – Vision-Team-Alignment-Thinking™ – to help growth-minded executives achieve sustainable organizational and personal growth.