Sitton Coaching Solutions

Sitton Coaching Solutions is one-on-one coaching to help executives establish and implement a vision and strategy for their organization or team. It also helps make the executives confident that their organization is aligned with its internal and external stakeholders, that they have the tools and thinking processes in place to identify and maximize their opportunities, and also that they have the ability to identify and solve obstacles on a continuous basis.

We utilize our library of unique thinking tools to assist executives and their leadership team in developing their: vision, organizational alignment and decision making around opportunities and obstacles.

Examples of our tools include:

Realizing the Future Today™ — thinking through the “ideal” state of things at a given point in the future as if it were today, including all the advancements that have been made and obstacles overcome

Building My Leadership™ — developing your future organizational chart, assessing your current leadership team, and determining your development and recruiting needs

My Unique Ability™ — determining the unique combination of you and your teams natural talents and strengths that deliver measurable value to your organization and others

Grow My Role™ — your current and future responsibilities, performance metrics, and development goals, as well as those of your team

Aligned for Growth™ — ensuring alignment of all components of your organization, such as: vision, strategies, planning, services, processes, tools, metrics, professional development, technology, organizational structure, etc.

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